I know it has been cold this winter for many parts of the country, but just sit back and relax. I am almost there.

Welcome to the new Artbazz Photography site. You are probably wondering why I created a whole new website. I did so because I felt this one would be easier to navigate. The other website was pretty, but I felt the navigation was more difficult to see what I was really trying to say with with my nature photography.

I love nature photography and I love to take pictures and travel to beautiful places to take pictures. But, what I love even more, is sharing my photography with my web users.

Please feel free to look around, and return as much as you like to see new photos and nature photography work. Many of my photos are for sale, just let me know the size you are interested in and I will tell you if it is available. I can provide you with most sizes from 36 inches by more than 36 inches.


I am in the process of creating an entirely new website for Artbazz Nature Photography. I have been working on it for some time now, but it is almost done. And, the answer is “yes” I do my own websites and graphics. It has taken me awhile since I am stretched in many directions, and I am passionate about doing a good job.

This website, with the masonary grid on the front page gives you a better idea of my artwork and what it looks like in a scroll. Please keep coming back and enjoy my artwork.

artist, Lois

Frosty the tree is a delightful picture of my snow driven trees in my backyard after a horrible winter storm. From horror comes beauty is my motto. We needed the moisture also. When the snow melts it leaves a great deal of watering for the spring blooms. So gorgeous and creepy at the same time.

I love nature of all types. I love the sun, the moon, the wind, the rain, and even the snow. I love the four seasons, so I can’t wait to take winter pictures like these. We don’t get a know like this very often, so when I got the 2015 winter snow blast with heavy snow everywhere, I was excited and could not wait to share it with my friends on Artbazz Nature Photography.